Easy Remedies to Banish Bad Breath


Bad breath can happen to us from time to time, perhaps because of the food we ate, too much spice in our food, or it may be because of dental problems. Bad breath, or halitosis, means having this foul smell coming from your mouth. Although it is not considered as a medical emergency, it can be quite embarrassing to have it.

Some may have halitosis because of dental problems like gum disease, coated tongue, dental cavities, and even poor oral hygiene which can last for months unless you get to the bottom of it. It can also be due to food like onions, alcohol, garlic, and coffee just to name a few. Whatever the cause of your bad breath, your goal here is to get rid of it as soon as possible. Here are a few tips on how to do it:

Use a tongue scraper

A tongue scraper can be a good way to reduce the presence of bacteria, dead cells, and fungi that may cause the smell to emanate from your mouth. Hold the tip of your tongue with a tissue to reach the back of your tongue.



We all know that chlorophyll is what makes plant green, and is typically found in vegetables such as parsley, asparagus, and even dark leafy greens. This particular ingredient helps freshen your body from the inside which includes eliminating the smell that is coming from your mouth. Adding foods that contain chlorophyll to your diet can help reduce your bad breath.


This is the simplest way for you to eliminate the odor in your mouth as water is not only useful in hydrating your body, but it can wash food particles that are lodged between your teeth off so they will not have the chance of fermenting or spoiling in your mouth. Another thing about water is that it helps flush any toxins that you may have consumed as well.

Brush your teeth

It is important that you brush your teeth every after meal as much as possible, so that you will be able to remove any food particles that are lodged in your teeth. You’ll find that your breath smells cleaner and fresher too after.

Lemon or orange rind

If you ate something spicy or has a smell to it, the best way to eliminate the smell is to chew on a lemon or orange rind. The citrusy flavor will dissolve any smell in your mouth.