109-Year-Old Woman Claims The Secret To A Long Life Is Avoiding Men


We often hear stories about people who lived to be 100 years old or more. One of them is a woman with a very interesting theory behind her longevity. Most of us think that living life to its fullest is one of the keys to long life. However, when it comes to this one particular woman, the secret is rather interesting.

In 2015, the Holiday Retirement conducted a study involving elderly people over the age of 100 because they wanted to know the reason for their longevity. Contrary to surprise, this list had lots of tips on how to live longer. Some mentioned family as the main key, others trying to live stress free and so on. But, Jessie Gallan had the most surprising answer.

At the time when the study was conducted, Jessie was 109 years old. She was born in 1906, and she was raised on a family farm in Kintore Scotland. There were 9 people in her family including her, her parents and her 6 siblings. She had a very simple and rural life, she was living freely and sleeping in a cottage.

She only went to school for a short period of time before she started a job in a farm kitchen. Her other jobs were working as a housemaid in the city, working with a wealthy family and finally the service industry. Once she became too weak to live by herself, she moved to the Crosby House, a nursing home for ill or alone elderly people. One of the people who work there, Gillian Bennet, said about Jessie that she is was a lovely woman. She used to have a very good friend at the nursing home. She also liked walking, exercising, listening to music as well as being very independent.

Even though she passed away in March 2015, shortly after the study was conducted, she still left her secret to longevity to the rest of the world. On this topic, Gallan said:

“My secret to a long life has been staying away from men. They’re just more trouble than they’re worth.”

She also mentioned another secret to living a long life: “I like my porridge. I have all my life.”

This unusual theory has certainly become an interesting debate topic. Lots of women are desperate in the search of a good man which makes them forget about themselves. Instead of looking for him, you should let your right person find you. Even though Gallan’s theory is impossible to confirm, it sure is a fascinating approach that we should at least consider.