Science Says Blondes are the Intelligent Species


Blondes have more fun, as they say, but this may not be true as they have been stereotyped as “dumb” for the past several years. Experts believed that this hair color has become a hindrance to some blondes looking for work as this particular aspect has affected their career prospects significantly.

But the stereotyped could soon disappear as one major American study has discovered that blondes are not dumb after all. In fact, this hair color is associated with higher intelligence quotient (IQ) than people who have red, black, or brown hair.

According to the author of the study, Jay Zagorsky, who is also a research scientist at the Ohio State University, his group studied almost 11,000 Americans and their average IQ scores. They later discover that blonde women actually have higher scores than others with different natural hair colors.

The average scores are as follows:

  • Blonde haired women had an average IQ of 103.2
  • Brown haired women had an average IQ score of 102.7
  • Women with red hair had 101.2 as their average score
  • For women with black hair, they had the lowest which was 100.5

So does this mean we should say black haired women are dumb? Zagorsky says the study does not claim that those with black hair color are the inferior ones when it comes to intelligence. However, it may be said that blondes are not dumb and can even be smarter than other people.

The result is almost the same for the male population. While they are not the dumb ones, they almost have the same IQ as the other men with other hair colors. What the study aims though is to disprove the myth that blondes are dumb and it could be used as evidence to stop the discrimination for blonde people around the world based on their intelligence.

Some Factors to Consider

The researchers would like to emphasize that they are not saying blondes are the most intelligent. Additionally, during the study, they removed the bias in the IQ tests by eliminating differences in ethnic and racial backgrounds. Therefore, the researchers did not include the Hispanics and African Americans in the study.

Also, the study does not provide information as to whether or not genes have a direct relationship between intelligence and hair color. Nevertheless, Zagorsky and his team discovered that blondes who had higher IQs were from homes that have more reading materials and are therefore with families that have slightly higher income than others in the data used by the study.