11 Tactics On How To Kiss a Girl Passionately That Every Guy Must Know!


Kissing is an amazing way to show our love for our partner. It is a stepping stone to every relationship and it can make your day if it is good, or send your girl to dating sites if it is a bad kiss. The first kiss with someone is part of their first impression of you, so you should try to make it memorable.

That’s why you better keep these 11 tactics in your head while kissing her.

1. No Nose In Business

Before you get down to the act, make sure that you tilt your head in the opposite direction as to the girl. It’s a really big turn off when your noses bump into each other. You sure as hell don’t want this. Its one of the main tactics.

2. Distribution

One of the tactics is not concentrating just on her lips. This will make the process monotonous. Give her a small peck or kiss her neck. This will not only turn on the girl but will make the entire thing a bit more sensuous.

3. Lower Lip

Most of the guys tend to ignore the girl’s bottom lip while kissing. Do not do it. This is one of the tactics you should remember. Give her lower lip a gentle suck or flick it with your tongue. Trust me, she will reciprocate.

4. No To Dry Lips

Dry and chapped lips are big a turn-off. Apply some lip balm before going for a date or keep one handy. Apply a little amount and you are all set. Choose a natural flavor and don’t get too overboard with this idea. Guys often take it as an insignificant point among other tactics but this plays a key role.

5. Get French

A french kiss goes a long way but a bad one will abruptly end the journey. It’s an art and that’s why make sure you do it right. Don’t make it too wet. Its the most important of the tactics.

6. Setting

Setting plays an important role in this entire thing. A crowded place is the worst. A movie theatre or a garden will do. You can also do it in the comfort of your castle if the girl is comfortable with this. This is a really subtle move among other tactics.

7. Explore

Use your tongue as a tool. Explore the girl’s mouth. Don’t just get all limp out there or should I say, in there.

8. Halitosis

Halitosis or also known as bad breath is something that you should definitely avoid during a kiss. You want the girl to get closer to you and not break into a run. One of the tactics to ignore this is a mouth freshener.

9. Too Fast

Don’t go too fast during a kiss. Whats the hurry? If you get all hasty in your approach then she might feel you are just after s3x.

10. Multitasking

Multitasking is good but it’s not such a good idea when it comes to a kiss. First set the mood and then move on to other kinds of stuff. If you start groping her during the kiss, it will make the girl uncomfortable.

11. Background

If you want a special treatment from your girl then give some thought to the setting. Most of the people ignore this among other tactics. A great background plays an important role. Some flowers, a romantic music, and candles. Do I need to say more?

If you weren’t doing these stuff till now, it’s not late to learn these tactics for satisfying your girl.