How To Get Rid Of Tonsillitis And Sore Throat in Only Few Hours!


Tonsillitis is inflammation of the tonsils that causes symptoms such as sore throat, fever, trouble swallowing, enlargement of the tonsils… All these symptoms are very unpleasant and could even make eating difficult. However, instead of spending lots of money on medications that have various side-effects, you should try a natural approach.

Today we are going to share a centuries-old natural remedy that you can make in your kitchen. I will relieve your sore throat within 4 hours and it is 100% chemical free. All you need is some cumin seeds, water and preferably some hard liquor.


  • 3oz. of ground cumin seeds.
  • 8.5 oz. filtered water.
  • 1 tablespoon of cognac or whiskey


Pour the ground cumin seeds in a saucepan with 7oz. of water. Heat the mixture and bring to boil. When the mixture thickens and starts to look like a thick coffee grounds paste, add the remaining water and boil for 1-2 more minutes. Remove it from the stove and add 1 tablespoon of hard liquor by your choice.

Drink one tablespoon of this remedy every 30 minutes. The first positive effects should be felt after the 4th tablespoon or around 2 hours after the first intake. After 4 hours, all of the sore throat symptoms will completely disappear. In some severe cases, it might take a little bit longer though.

If this remedy does not improve your condition after the first two hours, consult a doctor.