4 Simple And Efficient Tips For Teeth Whitening


You will find this remedy useful!

After some time, tartar, a type of mineral deposit, has built up on your  teeth and goes yellow. It is mostly perceived as an aesthetic disability, however it should not be taken lightly since it may cause a severe condition referred to as periodontitis. If you want to avoid the dentist’s visit, just check out our 4 easy ways to whiten your teeth yourself.

For starters, try brushing your teeth with baking soda, it has been proven successful in terms of whitening teeth.

Just combine 1 tbsp of baking soda and 1/2 tablespoon of salt in a cup. Next, cover your toothbrush with the mixture. All that’s left to do is scrub your teeth for 5 consecutive minutes.

Method number 2 is to try hydrogen peroxide, by combining 1 cup of it with half a cup of lukewarm water. Then, spit it out and wash your mouth with the mixture for one minute and then rinse it all off with cold water.

The third way is to use a dental pick and make an attempt to remove the tartar from your teeth very carefully.

The method number four is to use an antiseptic as mouth wash every other day.

Food can also help to keep your teeth white and healthy. To get rid of the build up covering your teeth simply get some foods packed with vitamin C, for example, tomatoes or strawberries and cover your teeth with their juice. To achieve this you need to rub the fruits against your teeth and leave them for 5 minutes to take effect. After that, you just need to wash them off with water and baking soda. Similar foods that you can use are berries, lime, oranges, bell peppers, lemons and even papaya.

However, apart from these methods, it is of extreme importance that you get yourself a very soft toothbrush so you don’t irritate your gums, wash the teeth with vertical strokes and floss regularly. Eating spicy food is a plus, since it stimulates saliva, which does an amazing job at cleaning the teeth.