10 Week No-Gym Home Workout Plan!


A gym membership is a modern trend now. It is observed that gym often offer you a fit body, muscle gain and weight loss. In a busy work scheduled if your gym is located far away from the home, many times we miss to visit the gym.

Moreover, if you want a fit body it is not necessary that you should enroll the gym. You can achieve a fit and well-toned body at home. Here is a 10-week challenging workout plan which will provide you a perfect body shape that you desire.

Follow these steps:

The first step for a perfect body is to drink a lot of water. It is important to keep your body hydrated all the time and also before the exercise. Select the right time to do exercise, preferably early in the morning. Make a vow that you will do the exercise regularly as for a fit body your commitment is very essential.

This is the ten-week workout plan:


Begin your week with the following set of exercises-

Squats 20
Plank 15 seconds
Crunches 25
Jumping jacks 35
Lunges 15
Wall-sit 25 seconds
Sit-ups 10
Butt-kicks 10
Push-ups 5


Continue the exercise on the next day with some changes in the number of round you should do.

Squats 10
Plank 30 seconds
Crunches 20
Jumping jacks 10
Lunges 25
Wall-sit 45 seconds
Sit-ups 35
Butt-kicks 20
Push-ups 10


Now, till this day the exercise must have become a routine for you. It is time to work hard to make your body come in right shape.

Squats 15
Plank 40 seconds
Crunches 30
Jumping jacks 50
Lunges 25
Wall-sit 35 seconds
Sit-ups 30
Butt-kicks 25
Push-ups 10



The rigor of the exercise plan is increased on this day and thus you might end up sweating and a lot of fat will be burned during today’s session.

Squats 35
Plank 30 seconds
Crunches 20
Jumping jacks 25
Lunges 15
Wall-sit 60 seconds
Sit-ups 50
Butt-kicks 35
Push-ups 20


Make sure you carry on the exercise with same dedication and commitment on this day. Keep it up!

Squats 25
Plank 60 seconds
Crunches 30
Jumping jacks 55
Lunges 60
Wall-sit 45 seconds
Sit-ups 40
Butt-kicks 50
Push-ups 30

Saturday and Sunday

After a 5 day intense workout take 2 day rest and stop doing the workout on the weekend. However you can do some simple walking or jogging on weekend to keep up the exercise routine.

Cardio- by week:

Along with the above exercise if you wish to do cardio. Then you can do it on week end with following specification-

1st– 30 sec. sprint 30 sec. jog /5x
2nd– 35 sec. sprint 45 sec. jog /6x
3rd-45 sec. sprint 1 min. jog /7x
4th-50 sec. sprint 45 sec. jog /8x
5th-55 sec. sprint 30 sec. jog /7x
6th-1 min. sprint 45 sec. jog /6x
7th-65 sec. sprint 1 min. jog /5x
8th-70 sec. sprint 45 sec. jog /6x
9th-75 sec. sprint 30 sec. jog / 7x
10th-80 sec. sprint 45 sec. jog /8x


How much of exercising is it enough to lose some weight?

The common question we often ask is how much time we should spend on exercising. The answer is 45 minutes to 1 hour is the perfect time one should spend on training. It may vary as per the weight of different people and the weight you want to lose.
Shoot for over three hours for every week of practicing at whatever point you’d like to get more fit by moderate power workout. On the off chance that you practice and blaze calories, you will have the capacity to escape the base dosage of 150 min. every week.

For the novices it is prescribed to begin with fifty minutes and constructed bit by bit to 200 minutes.