10 DIY Skin Care Tricks That Will Make You Look GORGEOUS and Nourished At Any Time Even Without Makeup…


Makeup is a woman’s best friend. It exists to brighten your day, boost your ego, and make you feel confident on days when you would otherwise choose to hide inside far from sight.

Makeup has the ability to make your skin look better. It can hide blemishes, acne and visually lift your skin without undergoing any surgery.

We have prepared some home beauty products for you that will save you time and money.

1. Salty water will assist you get rid of the swelling and will make your face look fresher

Water down some salt into some water (making certain that the solution is highly concentrated), soak a towel in it and apply it onto your face, holding for about ten minutes.

2. Make your lips look fuller with the help of oil and tooth brush

Use a small amount of any cosmetic oil onto your lips – peach oil, almond oil, or a routine lip balsam. Then, take a soft tooth brush and carefully rub your lips with it for about a minute.

3. Rubbing your face with olive oil will assist you make your skin cleaner, softer, and smoother

First, wash your face well and after that massage it with olive oil for about 7 minutes. In order to get the very best outcomes, repeat the treatment every 4 to 5 days.

 10 DIY Skin Care Tricks That Will Make You Look GORGEOUS and Nourished At Any Time Even Without Makeup...

4. A completely natural makeup eliminator

Mix some tidy water and some olive oil in the ratio 1:3 in a glass jar and stir well until the ingredients merge well. This is it!

5. Use baking soda to fix the problem of ingrown hair

This is extremely easy to do. Include a teaspoon of baking soda to a small container, a teaspoon of grinded oatmeal, and a teaspoon of water. Mix everything well up until you get a thick paste. Apply the mixture onto your skin and leave it for about five minutes. In the end, wash your skin off using warm water.


6. Use baking soda to get rid of the bags under your eyes

Add a teaspoon of baking soda to a glass of warm water or tea and mix well. Soak a cotton ball into this option and use it onto the location under your eyes. Wait on ten to fifteen minutes, and clean off the remainder. In the end, apply some hydrating face cream. Repeat this procedure on a day-to-day basis and the very first results will end up being visible very soon.

7. Banana hair mask for shiny hair

For the preparation of this mask you will need: one banana, one egg, one tablespoon of honey, and half a glass of beer. Mix all ingredients together and stir till you get a smooth mixture. Apply this mask onto your hair and hold it for a couple of hours. Then, clean it off using warm water. Utilize this mask when a week and very soon you will get fantastic results.

8. Use coconut and lavender oil to speed-grow your eyelashes

Integrate half a teaspoon of coconut oil with two to four drops of vital lavender oil. Using cotton, carefully use this mixture onto your eyelashes, from the roots to the ideas. Repeat this 3 times a week and your eyelashes will become thicker and shinier. You can also utilize castor oil and lemon.

9. Honey can help you minimize the swelling and get rid of the acne

In case that some pimple or acne appears on your face before some crucial conference or date, there is a way for you to obtain rid of it in no time. Apply some honey straight onto the pimple and let it on for about fifteen minutes. Then, wash off utilizing warm water. This will help you decrease its size and make it less noticeable, which is a lot easier to cover with makeup.

10. Use eye drops to lower the swelling of your face skin

Another method that can assist you get rid of the pimples is to utilize eye drops. Soak a cotton ball into these drops and put it into the freezer for about three to 5 minutes. Then, gently press it onto the inflamed area and the pimple will become nearly undetectable.